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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Get the Rock! (LOTR:SBG Battle Companies)

The Dark Lord wants some red rock in the middle of the ruined human town. When the big guy says "fetch", Vung the Mighty doesn't ask why. He decides to rest this battle out and nurse the axe sized gash in his forehead. He sends his lieutenants to find the big rock for the big boss. Vung will take all of the credit of course!

The Warband scatters throughout the ruind city to search for the red rock. A scream drags through the air - its been spotted! Goblins and Dwarves all come running towards the location in scattered groups.

Turn 1 to 3: Dwarf Sgt Burlin comes stumbling out of the section of ruins he was searching - right into the waiting arms of a group of Goblins. He bravely fights of 4 attackers for two turns while his comrades rush forward to help.

Turn 4 & 5: Prong finally skitched Birlin! The dwarf falls and the goblins hurry to take up defensive positions to await the dwarf reinforcements.

Turns 6 to 8: Both sides start lining up on the rock. The fight develops after two turns of eyeballin' each other within dwarf spitting distance. Oh Frik! Nurlin's here! Keep him away! They manage to push Nurlin back but lose a rock defender.

Turns 9 & 10: At the rock. The dwarves charge in again, but are repelled! Off to the Goblins' right however, they manage to find the Dwarven Warband leader Kilir and are able to surround him since he's practically alone. Kilir manages to drive back 4 and then 5 attackers for two turns! (grrrrr)

Turn 11: The melee at the rock and the fight to kill Kilir continue. A dwarven archer that was in a second story window attempts to climb down to help Kilir, but falls to the ground instead. Nurlin and a Khazad Guard go down in the fighting near the rock.

Turn 12 to 14: Grulo finally takes Kilir down! The Goblins are able to mop up a few more kills after this and the Dwarves go below half their starting number.

The game ends! The Rock is carted up to send off to the Dark Lord and Vung gets to keep his skin on his body for another day. In this game we learn that Dwarves CAN be killed! We just have to outnumber them 4 to 1 and surround them for 2 or 3 turns at a time! hahahaha!

In the post game mop up it turns out that Kilir is gravely wounded and has crawled away to another part of the ruins. The next game will be a fight to find Kilir and kill (or save) him once and for all!

Supply Run (LOTR:SBG Batte Companies)

Vung the Mighty caught word that his nemesis Kilir the Dwarf was escorting a supply train of clydesdales packing Dwarven Ale to the nearby seige. Vung always wanted to see what the big deal was with these Dwarf Ales so he set up an ambush along the road.

Turn 1 to Turn 3: Vung sneaks around the hill and tells the archers to hold their positions in the ruined fort. The Dwarfs plod forward. Bowfire is ineffective these turns. (Typical of the Goblins - sigh) Vung finally gets to the centre of the road. "You shall not pass! Beardy Beer-breath! Gnaaahh!!"

Turn 4 & 5: Vung heroically charges a Khazad Guard! He distracts the gold plated stiff while one of the new guys stabs him with a spear. A great melee ensues wherein Rigash and Grulo go down in the fight to Dwarven axes. Vung himself is brained with "whirlin'" Nurlin's 2 handed axe. Vung bravely plays dead for the rest of the fight.

Turn 6 & 7: Gurug the archer tries to sneal a packhorse away while the archers charge into the melee and some Goblin spearment try an attack from the rear of the pack train. Brogdush spears another annoying axeman, but it's not Nurlin! (we HATE that guy). Prong, Kaalo and Harbag get whacked to the ground.

Turn 8 to 10: We Need Luck!! One of our spearmen goes down. Huung gets shortened by another dang Khazad Guard. Kig goes splat. Brogdush gets bashed. Fung the bowman looks around and realises he's the last goblin standing and bolts back to the mountain.

Every goblin in the warband is defeated and we didn't even get to touch an ale keg!
Luckily most of our warband manage to sneak away or stumble off the field. There are no reductions in the band for the next scenario.